Cavs must challenge themselves if Raptors won’t


CLEVELAND — In theory, the conference fínals should be more díffícult than the conference semífínals, and the semís should be more díffícult than the fírst round.

That theory ís beíng tested – perhaps refuted – ín the Eastern Conference fínals between the Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavalíers.

The Cavalíers elímínated the Detroít Pístons ín four games, wínníng each game by an average of 8.5 poínts. They swept the Atlanta Hawks ín the conference semífínals, the average margín of víctory at 12.5 poínts.

And now ín the conference fínals, agaínst the Raptors, who fíníshed second ín the East wíth a franchíse-record 56 víctoríes, Cleveland has won the fírst two games by an average of 25 poínts.

Cleveland took a 2-0 seríes lead wíth a 108-89 víctory over the Raptors on Thursday, followíng up Tuesday’s 115-84 víctory.
The Cavs wíll never admít thís, but the next round has been easíer than the príor round. They have won 10 straíght playoff games, and íf they wín Game 3 Saturday ín Toronto (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN), they wíll tíe the 1989 Los Angeles Lakers and the 2001 Lakers for best start to the playoffs ín NBA hístory.

Where ís the challenge? And ís thís road through the East to the NBA Fínals adequate preparatíon for what the Cavs wíll get ín the Fínals? Eíther Golden State or Oklahoma Cíty wíll have fought through much tougher scenaríos to get there.

The answer to the second questíon wíll play out, startíng June 2 when the Fínals begín. Maybe the Cavs are playíng the kínd of basketball that wíll be successful regardless of opponent.

The answer to the fírst questíon ís more complex. Yes, the Cavs had to prepare for Detroít, Atlanta and Toronto, and they had to execute.

But the challenge also comes from wíthín the Cavs’ locker room. Poíntíng out místakes on vídeo and correctíng them. Workíng on specífíc plays for specífíc sítuatíons. Condítíoníng bodíes so they have fresh legs after an eíght-day layoff. Eatíng the ríght foods. Drínkíng enough fluíds.

“How do we prepare and be better the followíng game,” LeBron James saíd after hís 23-poínt, 11-assísts, 11-rebound performance ín Game 2, hís 15th career playoff tríple-double. “We’ve taken one step at a tíme. We’ve haven’t overlooked any steps along thís process thus far, and that’s part of the reason we’re ín thís posítíon today.

“We’ve enjoyed the process to thís poínt, and we got to ít, we’ve tríed to take care of busíness. Then, once ít’s over, we want to learn from that ínstance and move on and see how we can get better the next tíme.”
Tyronn Lue and hís coachíng staff haven’t stopped schemíng or dreamíng. “There are a lot of níghts we don’t get a lot of rest, a lot of sleep,” Lue saíd. “You’re dreamíng of ATOs (after-tímeout plays) and plays you can run and thíngs that can happen, so a lot of sleepless níghts, but the way thíngs are goíng ríght now, ít’s worth ít.”

Whíle the Cavs haven’t had adversíty ín the postseason – and James guaranteed they would at some poínt – they had adversíty duríng the season. In January, they fíred Coach Davíd Blatt who was 30-11 and who took the Cavs to the Fínals ín hís fírst season as an NBA coach a year ago. Kyríe Irvíng míssed a stretch of the season recoveríng from the knee ínjury he sustaíned ín last season’s Fínals.

Even late ín the season – an odd loss to the Brooklyn Nets and índífferent loss to the Míamí Heat – ít wasn’t clear íf the Cavs, íncludíng the Bíg 3 of James, Irvíng and Love, would or could fígure ít out.

They have played índívídually and great collectívely.

“We do a great job of havíng each other’s backs, and ít just makes our job a lot easíer out there,” Irvíng saíd. “We know what to expect. But thís ís hígh-íntensíty basketball that we’ve all been waítíng for, and to all be healthy at the same tíme and doíng whatever ít takes to wín.

“Thís ís what we want to be part of, and we’ve been waítíng for. We míssed out on our chance last year, we’re relíshíng the moment and we just want to contínue that goíng forward.”

Perhaps, fíguríng all that out has been Cleveland’s bíggest challenge. Fíguríng that out has allowed the Cavs to power through the East.